Intelligent Body Temperature Detection System Camera with Cloud Data Support

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Lien Health
Certification: CE, FCC, CCC
Model Number: FT1
Minimum Order Quantity: 2 pieces
Price: USD1050-1200/pc
Packaging Details: Color box / ODM
Delivery Time: 3-5work days
Payment Terms: Visa, T/T, Western Union, Western Union, Pay Later, Online Bank Payment, MoneyGram, L/C, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability: 10000 pieces/month
Detail Information
Type: Thermometer Accuracy: ±0.2℃
Usage: Medical/Household,non Contact Forehead Product Name: IR Theremometer
Theory: Infrared Thermometer Function: Body Temperature Testing
Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

CE Infrared Body Temperature Screening System


Lean Thermal Imaging Camera Body Temperature

Product Description

Temperature Screening Kiosk Fast Screening For Fever Cloud Data Support


Product Introduction

FT1 is an intelligent body temperature detection system based on the thermal imaging temperature measurement technology. It is a product launched for temperature measurement at an entrance or exit with a large flow of people. It can perform accurate and non-contact temperature measurement of the pedestrian flow, and measure temperatures of pedestrians without stopping them, and generate alarms for pedestrians who are suspicious of fever. FT1 prevents people from gathering while safely measuring their body temperatures, and provides protection for the health and safety of people within the area.


Application Scenarios

FT1 is applicable to park entrances and exits, office buildings, large supermarkets, office halls, subway stations, airports, schools, and so on.


Product Advantages

  • FT1 can measure temperatures of pedestrians in an accurate and non-contact manner when they pass by, and automatically track human faces.

  • FT1 can generate audio and visual alarms accurately for pedestrians who are suspicious of fever, and detect pedestrians with abnormal temperatures at the first place.

  • FT1 can measure temperatures of multiple people concurrently and capture up to 10 human faces at a time. Pedestrians do not need to stop when FT1 measures their temperatures, which prevents congestion of pedestrians.

  • FT1 is easy to install. After it is powered on, FT1 can start working without connecting to a network.

  • FT1 allows you to view the traffic log and fever records at any time. These records can also be exported to facilitate tracking.

  • Data on the FT1 can be pushed to the Qiaojiang Cloud platform or a third-party platform.

Function Specifications




Temperature measurement

Temperature measurement distance

0.3–3.5 m

Temperature measurement accuracy

Solution without blackbody: ±0.5℃
Solution with blackbody: ±0.3℃

Fever alarm

Audio/visual alarm


Multimedia output

The HDMI can be connected to a big screen.


The USB interface can be directly connected to the mouse for operations.

I/O output

COM, NO, GND, 12 V



Supports Wi-Fi connection.

LAN interface

Supports access to a wired network through the RJ45 interface.


Face recognition

Can recognize and capture faces in real time within the specified area. Up to 10 faces can be captured concurrently.

Face tracking

Supports face tracking and scoring, multi-frame recognition, and automatic selection of the optimum face.

Temperature detection

Supports non-contact temperature measurement of pedestrians.

Thermal imaging

Supports AGC4.0, DDE, and 3DNR.

Visible light function

Equipped with the 5 megapixel starlight lens, with a resolution up to 2592*1944@25fps.

Abnormal temperature alarm

Generates visual and audio alarms for people with abnormal temperatures, and displays their faces.

Traffic log

Records the access information of people with normal and abnormal temperatures.

Log export

Allows you to export the traffic log to a USB flash drive.

Data upload

Can be connected to the Qiaojiang Cloud platform or a third-party platform for data upload.

Pedestrian flow statistics

Counts the people that pass by and the people with fever on the current day.

Temperature calibration

Supports automatic blackbody temperature calibration and manual temperature compensation.



Hardware Specifications

Table 32 Basic hardware specifications

FT1 hardware specifications




Main unit


188.0 mm (L) x 123.0 mm (W) x 61.0 mm (H)

Operating system




RK3288, A17 quad-core high-performance face recognition chip

Clock frequency

1.8 GHz



2 GB


16 GB

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging temperature measurement module

Vanadium oxide microbolometer detector



Pixel size

17 μm

Response band

8-14 μm

Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD)

≤50mK@25℃, F#1.0

Temperature measurement range


Effective temperature measurement distance

0.3 m–3.5 m

Default temperature measurement distance

1 m

Field of view


Temperature measurement accuracy

Solution without blackbody: ±0.5℃
Solution with blackbody: ±0.3℃

Visible light

HD built-in camera

5 megapixel starlight lens




3 mm

Intelligent information overlay

Supports the overlay of thermal imaging information (temperature measurement value) on the visible light channel image.



Built-in Wi-Fi



Power supply

Power adapter


Operating environment

Operating temperature


Operating humidity

< 85%

Power consumption

Overall power consumption




Device Interfaces





Multimedia output interface


Used to connect to the display.

I/O output


Used to connect to the alarm indicator.



Supports 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet transmission.

USB interfaces × 2


Used to connect to the mouse or USB flash drive.

Power interface

DC12V input

12 V/3 A



Installation Mode and Code


Installation Mode




Use the bracket (optional).





  • What should be noted during installation and use of FT1?

It is recommended that you use FT1 in an indoor environment without wind. Each time you start the device, warm up the device (1.5 hours after power-on) before starting the temperature measurement; otherwise, the temperature measurement results will be inaccurate.

  • How can FT1 measure temperatures accurately?

It is recommended that you use FT1 together with the blackbody to ensure more accurate temperature measurement results.

If FT1 is not used together with the blackbody, you need to perform manual temperature calibration and compensation. You need to re-calibrate the device when the ambient temperature changes.

When installing the blackbody, place the blackbody in the edge area within the visible range of the thermal imaging lens, to prevent pedestrian from blocking each other. Otherwise, the accuracy of temperature measurement is affected.

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